Day 2 at LFW – Black Days

Second Day Outfit

Here’s what I wore on the second day at LFW – basically embroidery heaven. The entire outfit is from River Island and well truly was basically me seeing different, individual pieces I had to have and putting them together. I adoreee this jumspuit, the embroidery is so chic and the material so beautiful and comfy. Then there’s this oversised denim jacket – that’s just too cool for words. The boots are my newest obsession and the thin bomber has a beautiful sheen to it. 


I also want to highlight my eyebrows, as I’ve mentioned many times, I go for HD brows every couple of weeks at the Beauty Team in Mosta and I think it’s made a world of a difference, I never used or have an arch or definition. I’m still not amazing at filling in the small gaps that naturally exist but I’m so much happier with them now.

These awesome, too cool for school shades are by Marc Jacobs from O’hea Opticians.

Outfit Details

All Clothes and shoes : River Island

Sunglasses : O’hea Opticians

Necklace : Eclat via Diamonds International




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