Ericson Laboratoire – SKIN WHITENING SERUM

If you love the sun half as much as I do, then chances are you’ve sinned one too many times and spent too much time with it. The high UV index in most countries but especially in Malta causes so much damage to our skin even when wearing good sun protection. The unfortunate result, apart from of course, the risk of skin cancer is also the dreaded pigmentation. To combat this issue, Ericson Laboratoire has developed a specialised serum – WHITEX.
This serum can be used on localised areas or all over the face for instance if wishing to minimise the appearance of freckles.  I experimented with it both ways, I don’t have too much pigmentation but there is a specific spot on one cheek that really bugs me and a few freckles on my nose that are always more prominent in summer. I started my review by using it for a week or so as a normal serum – applying it all over the face. Boy my face had a treat. My skin was really, really glowing, it had this calm, relaxed appearance and natural radiance, so much so that a few people asked me if I was using anything new. As much as I loved the glow, though, I don’t wish to whiten my entire face so I then switched to using it for the more localised areas as a treatment. I’ve been using it for about three months now and I’ve seen a noticeable difference in the pigment of the spot, the spot is still there but it’s less dark brown, more of a light beige sort of colour, I’m hoping that in a few more months it might actually fade completely.
 I’m never disappointed with this brand, each new product I experiment with continues to impress me.

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