3ina – All Eyes On You

The new collection at 3ina is all about enhancing the eyes. I often ask myself which part of the whole makeup process is the most important and I guess it varies according to the look but for the most part it is really all about the eyes. As they say, the eyes are the window to the soul and enhancing your eyes can really add a lot of expressions and change your entire look.

The first product is the eyeshadow palette 103 below, look at all those colours below, they’re so beautiful. The quality is also great, smooth and easy to apply and great staying power.

The next product is the eyebrow Kit 403 with the cute little bushes and tweezers – it’s great to carry around in a travel makeup kit too or in a handbag and touch up when you need to.

I also tried out the eye gloss in 503 and the duo eyeshadow in 607. The gloss comes with a great applicator and gives a super cool glossy colour onto the lids – loved it. The duo eyeshadow is an interesting colour duo, the light colour felt a bit too light on my eyes, I need to try and blend the two a bit more.

I also tried out this gel eyeliner in 801 which is an interesting dark brown. In general, I love gel eyeliners, with the correct brush they are super easy to apply and really simple to get that perfect winged liner look.

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