Beauty Corner : 3ina Utility + All about The Eyes

I’ve talked about 3ina a few times recently and this next post is based on two of their latest collections, one consists of a lash primer and mascara. The lash primer is used to add further length and volume before mascara is applied whilst also conditioning the lashes. IT really is the same concept as a face or eye primer, makeup applied on top of a primer stays better – mascara applied on top of a primer also stays better. 

The mascara I tried is the volume one which I found really good- I have long lashes but just like my hair they’re quite fine so I like volumizing mascaras and this one did a great job.

The next products are part of the utility collection and there’s a shadow paint tube and a chubby lipstick crayon. The lipstick seems to have become a permanent handbag member. The grey/brown colour is super interesting and the texture is long lasting without being drying.

The shadow paint I tried is quite a vivid shade of white, which is interesting but maybe a bit much in some cases. It is really really good as a primer / first layer though, I use it as the first thing on my eyes, then I blend different colours onto it. The white base though really shines through and also keeps everything in place. The formula is extremely long lasting.

Happy makeup time!

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