Back in Gozo at the Duke Hotel

I got married 7 years ago, on the 4th December, luckily, a sunny day that turned rainy the next day. I count meeting my hubby and marrying him as probably one of the best things I’ve done in my life, not because getting married was my lifelong ambition, actually, far from it but because he simply makes me happy. He makes me mad too and angry and frustrated but mostly happy. To celebrate our anniversary we decided that in between all the work and travelling we do, we needed a weekend which we would spend together doing ‘nothing much’.

The best way to get me to do ‘nothing much’ is to take me into a beautiful, beautiful hotel, so beautiful that my fear of missing out reflex thoughts would be about leaving the room rather than about what is outside it. Mission was fully realised at The Duke Hotel in Gozo. We stayed in the President Suite, a room so beautiful, I feel I must recreate it and own it one day. One of the first things you notice about this room is that it is literally huge, with a huge, huge bed two people can get lost in…although I still snuggled. The crowning glory, or at least for me is the freestanding bathtub, something I’ve always dreamt of owning. For other non-bath-obsessed people, the crowning glory is the huge terrace with a view of the Citadella and a heated swimming pool. Yes, you read that right, this room has its own pool.

Now, do you understand why we only left to get breakfast?

At the Duke Hotel, breakfast is a true gourmet affair, everything ishomemadee and there are surprises ever day such as goat chees parcels, chocolate mouse, different types of bruschetta, homemade caponata.



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