Finding Perfect

From a very young age, I didn’t believe in Perfect. I wasn’t seeking the perfect score, the perfect hair, the perfect friend. I was more focused on what was the necessity.

The world today is a different one though, perfection or rather the quest for it is everywhere. We call each other perfect, we alter our Instagram feed to look perfect and of course, we use photoshop to banish any wrinkle or spot so as to look..PERFECT. The hubby complains about the fact I never end things with a perfect note, that I never give anything that 100%. 

When we seek perfection in our life, I wonder whether we can ever truly reach in, in a way that satisfies us, there’s no such thing as perfect and my perfect is not your perfect so what goal are we truly trying to reach? In the mathematical part of my world, perfection can be somewhat measured, a goal is tangible, in the artistic portion it’s all pretty much subjective. The other day, for instance, I was showing the hubby the Instagram feed of one of my current favourite bloggers – he absolutely loathed each and every photo – go figure.

The one item I truly never get tired of searching for pr rather for more of is the perfect fitting dress,that dress that makes you feel like a million dollars, that dress that doesn’t make you feel or look fatter, that hugs your body in all the right ways. That is indeed a goal.

These photos are an example of imperfection. According to the hubby, the light is wrong, the colours are wrong but I like them, maybe no one else will, maybe he’s right, or maybe their imperfection is what works- who knows and quite frankly, who gives a damn?

Dress : River Island

Shoes : Aldo

hair : Toni & Guy

Nails : Sue Caruana Beuty Inc at Niumee

Shot at Intercontinental Malta

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