Spot the Trend – Dungarees / Overalls

I’ve been thinking about creating some trend focused posts and instead of simply only showing you myself wearing it, showing you a mix of me and other local and international recognisable faces. The trend I’m starting with is Dungarees or as some people call them, overalls. I’ve recently seen them crop up EVERYWHERE, it’s like an instant spring hit and they come in two forms – the classic jeans and top part and the pinafore look which is essentially a dress.

So let’s do a roundup of outfits

Me – Caroline Paris in a classic blue denim pair. I wore a tight fit pair of dungarees with a wide sweater underneath to balance out proportions  – follow me here 

Marie Claire wore a rust pinafore overall with all black underneath that emphasised the lovely colour of the pinafore.  – follow her here 

Sarah Zerafa braved the cold and wore a loose-fitting denim pair of dungarees with a straw hat, harking to summer days  – follow her here 


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Tamara Webb put together a wintry look with a black pinafore, knee-high boots, a sweater and a beanie.  – follow her here 

Ellenbrockygirl wore a pair of black overalls with a pointed pair of patent boots that really elevated the outfit to a chic look.  – follow her here 

bibiegoeschic wore denim pinafore dress with stripes and kneehigh boots – really loving the colour combos here – follow her here 

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