5 Reasons Why Hats Are A Good Idea

I constantly meet people in Malta who tell me that they ‘feel strange’ wearing a hat or hair accessory. I’ve been repeatedly told that they’re worried people will see the look as strange or think they look stupid. I’m here to make the case for hats as the perfect accessory to an outfit.

  1. Hats hide Bad Hair

Bad hair day? unwashed hair? No Panic, just hide it under a hat.

2. Alter an Outfit

Owner of a Plain Dress you’ve already worn times? Add a hat and change its look completely. Take this darling dress from Cortefiel, it’s cute with or without the beret but the beret transforms it totally into a new look.

4. Rain Cover

Wool is naturally water resistant so a woollen hat can help save your blowdry!

5. You will look interesting

Screw what people say or think – I’m going to end with a corny quote – ‘you were born an original, don’t die a copy’



Dress Cortefiel

Beret Primark

Bag Furla

Shoes ALDO

Earrings Dior

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