Why You Should Wear Sunblock

I love the sun, I’m not going to sit here and deny it, I really do, I enjoy tanning, feeling that warmth on my skin, I absolutely love it. However, the truth is I know it’s bad for me, I know skin cancer is horrible and deadly and consumes so many lives. The problem is that when summer arrives I find it somewhat impossible to stay away from the sun.

It’s not a fail-safe at all but at least my mother’s constant drumming over the years saying “wear sunblock” or “did you put sunblock on?” had some effect and I ALWAYS wear sunblock. Facial sunblock is my top priority actually, facial damage due to the sun is horrible – pigmentation, wrinkles, dehydrates skin – so many different problems. I started using tinted sunblocks a few years ago, they’re great because they offer a degree of coverage which I like having even if I’ve only gone to the beach swim, I like myself more with makeup..so you know, why not. I started using Bioderma sunblocks last year and they’re excellent, this particular one (in the pics) is for dry skin and feels moisturising and lovely, there are others for oily and combination skin, thee are even different tints. I suggest trying it on on your chin, somewhere where there is an amount of natural light, try and choose the shade that is closest to your natural colouring, maybe slightly darker if you want to look slightly tanned.

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