We Live in Interesting Times

I haven’t written anything in a while and whilst it may be appropriate considering the circumstances of my last month, to blame lack of time, it’s not really the problem. The problem is that each time I sit down to write a styling post which is what I know I owe you guys, the words don’t come out. I’m having a moody month. Confused isn’t appropriate to describe my state of mind right now, lost perhaps slightly more appropriate but still not quite right. 

It’s been busy – changes in my other job (life), Milan Fashion Week, a trip to a Google Event and lots of new and exciting collaborations and just new things on the horizons amongst other things. I have lots to talk to you about but I’m still sorting my brain out about what I feel I’ve gained from everything and where I’m going next. One of the problems with a busy life is that you lose the time to recap, to post-mortem yourself and your brain. I move from one thing to another without a pause or time to reflect.

There’s also the problem that I tend to live with a constant feeling of dissatisfaction. I wish I had the ability to sit back and be proud of the things I’ve done right without lamenting over what wasn’t excellent. I lack this, I try but in the end that feeling of unease, of wishing I did something better lingers on. The first key to success is a belief that you can do it, I think I used to have more confidence in myself before than I do now, when I was younger, failure was a thought I never entertained, I was blessed with an amount of confidence (perhaps also some delusion?) that made me believe I could achieve anything. Maybe it’s the blogging business that’s changed me, maybe it’s just getting older and less delusional but I no longer feel the world is mine to conquer. This is by no means a quitting post, I am far too much of a fighter for that and whilst I feel that I am ending this conversation with a proper ending it will have to suffice for now until there exists a bit more organisation in this thing I call my brain.

Since this is a fashion blog (at least that’s what the title implies) I feel that each piece of text should always contain some fashion input in it. I’m dedicating this post to a shop I have really grown to love that is based in Malta. It houses two Spanish brands Cortefeil and Pedro del Hierro, Pedro is a more luxurious big sister. I love both although Pedro does have a favouritism edge. I’ve worn a few looks from the store over the past month and here there are in all their varied glory.

The Blue Fancy Dress

I wore this dress below for Milan Fashion Week – it is one of those pieces that can look equally at place in a boardroom or attending a wedding, it’s about what shoes and accessories you choose to complement it, it has a great cut and will probably look slightly better on someone slightly taller than me (as will most things)

The Colourful Dress

I wore this next Cortefiel outfit for Sunday lunch, the belt is something I added on and I feel that it needs this both for a cinched in waist look and also because it simply looks better with a belt. This really fits in perfectly with one of the main trends of the season – folk. It’s also extremely comfortable

The Jumpsuit

A definite favourite – I love Pedro del Hierro jumpsuits, they really fit my body perfectly, I wear the size 36 xs and I always feel like there is absolutely nothing I need to change (except an occasional hem). I wore this to a baptism – I was the godmother so I wished soemthing that made me feel a bit special.

The Trouser Suit

Another Pedro del Hierro, a trouser suit is something that can make you feel instantly chic and confident, maybe it’s because of how and where it originated, I’m not so sure. I don’t wear suits that often but this was high up on my list of fave outfits this past month. I wore this for the first night of my google trip.

The Shirt and Cropped Trousers

The really interesting part is that they are highly varied looks – jumpsuits, suits, clingy dresses and flowing dresses. From colour and pattern to a more minimalist approach – we live in interesting times, don’t we?


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