Endermologie – The low Down

We all have body parts we don’t love too much and mine has always been my hip/thigh/bum area. I’ve always wished a pair of slim boyish hips but let’s face it my body shape is anything but. Many people tell you to exercise but exercise won’t change your hip-to-bum ratio or eliminate cellulite. Thanks to Transforma Cosmetic Clinic I decided to undergo Endermologie treatment these past few months.

I’ve received many questions about what it is and how it works so I’ve decided to address the most common ones in this post. Read on to find out all about it and how you can win a round all for yourself.

What is Endermologie?

In a nutshell, endermologie is a cosmetic procedure done mainly with the purpose of improving the appearance of cellulite and incurring a small amount of inch loss in targeted areas.  It can also improve circulation (one of the causes of cellulite), relieve minor muscular aches, improve skin tone and skin radiance. It can be done on the stomach too but I focused on my thighs and bum area.

How long does one do it for?

A typical session package is 14 sessions of 30 minutes each done either as 2 sessions per week or 1 long one, whatever rocks your boat. The sessions should ideally be done weekly without gaps for better results. I did two treatments as in, 28 sessions in total back with a 2-week gap in between the two rounds. I didn’t manage to not leave gaps (I travel too much) so there were occasions when I skipped a week.

Why did I do it?

I’m largely not unhappy with most of my body, sure there are things I would change but by and large, I think it’s ok for the most part. The constant bane though is my thighs, I know they’re not horrible but I feel they disproportionate to the rest of my body and there has always been cellulite. I can live with some cellulite, I probably always will but last winter I was starting to feel that there was too much for me to feel ok with. I was also hoping for a degree of inch loss in sad thighs.

Does it Hurt?

The machine can be set at different levels, the therapist will set it to the level you and your pain threshold are comfortable with, you should not be in pain.

Did it Work?

Yes. After the first round of 14  sessions, I saw an improvement but not as much as I’d hoped for, there was a degree of inch loss and a reduction in cellulite but I wanted more. As soon as I started the second session I saw a larger difference straight away, I also combined this round with targeted legs and bum exercises which probably helped to make the treatment more effective. I did not use creams (too lazy).

Do you plan on repeating it?

To be honest, my plan is to continue maintenance treatments which will basically be about 1 session every 10 – 14 days. Endermologie is after all mainly a superficial treatment, it is not liposuction, it does not eliminate fat cells so there is the potential of it reappearing especially if there is a genetic predisposition. I’m looking at this as a repeated beauty treatment just like getting my nails done or treating my hair to a treatment.


One lucky person is getting a round of 7 endermologie sessions at Transforma Cosmetic Clinic completely free and to participate you must enter the giveaway starting Sunday 10th October at 7pm either on Facebook or Instagram (or both for double the chance).

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