My new Hair Care Routine

I always joke about how bad I am at hair styling and hair care but in all honesty, it’s not a joke. I wasn’t born with the most manageable of hair but my skills are also quite poor. I’m never quite sure as to how to keep it from breaking or how to keep my colour looking great. I always just end up going back to the salon for regular touchups.

For the last month or so I’ve been using some new products and the first outlook is looking absolutely great. I’ve switched to using the ‘KPAK Colour Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner’ by JOICO. The products promise to limit colour fading whilst keeping hair soft and supple. I truly love how the texture of my hair feels after washing my hair using these products. They feel gentle and my hair isn’t tangled (something I suffer from since I have fine hair), it also seems less frizzy and softer but at the same time not weighed down. My hair also smells really nice, the smell seems to linger for a while but it’s not overpowering so it’s a good thing.

Another Joico Product I’ve been using is this humidity blocker spray to protect my hair after it’s been blowdried (always professionally since I’m hopeless). I used it a lot at Milan Fashion Week (it was so hot and humid there) and again this rainy weekend. I actually stood in a rain drizzle for about 10 mins and my hair didn’t frizz. I honestly couldn’t believe it – impressive.

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