Malta Restaurants : UBistrot

When you’re trying to stick to a diet, eating out can be a bit tiresome – it’s not always a world of fun ordering a chicken salad whilst the person next to you tucks into a juicy burger and fries. There are actually lots of ways to make healthy, low-calorie food interesting but few restaurants make the effort. 
In metropolitan cities like London, there’s a whole host of options but in tiny Malta, most people are out to get as much quantity rather than quality for their money, it’s a bit more of a rarity. 
UBistrot is one of these rare places – they’ve got lots of different salads to choose from, a 450 calorie menu by Marion Mizzi and a bunch of super healthy extras like smoothies, soups.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve been to UBistrot, probably more like the tenth. I visit frequently because, besides the lovely, healthy food, I like the way they’ve styled the place – simple but full of interesting details to look at. I went for dinner a few weeks ago, with fellow stylist Marisa Grima, we were overdue for a long catch up. and she loves the place as much as I do. 
So here’s what we ate – a lovely dip and breadsticks were served as an appetiser on the house to start off with. We decided to forgo starters, the mains portions are big enough to not warrant an extra plate. I opted for a meagre cooked al cartoccio, served with beautifully grilled vegetables whilst she opted for the avocado and walnut salad. Both dishes were superb and filling and felt genuine, there wasn’t any of the greasiness you sometimes find with grilled vegetables, no overload of sauces anywhere – just fresh simple genuine, tasty food.

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