An Outfit for a Morning Occassion

Monochrome and Red

Around May is when I start receiving the daily barrage of style – related advice questions along the lines of – ‘Can I wear this to a Wedding?’ and ‘What shoes should I wear with this dress’. I honestly wish to answer each and every one of them but sometimes, time does not really permit and it feels really difficult to give good advice to someone you’ve never even met.

I shot this outfit from MANGANO as an idea for a morning occasion. The occasion in question could be a wedding, a party of sorts, Mother’s day lunch if going somewhere very fancy, a child’s baptism party – endless options. The outfit could easily work from day to night too and I would most definitely wear this outfit to a cocktail party or launch party or even a fashion show.

It might come as a bit of a shock that I’m describing this as an outfit to wear a morning occasion and yet it’s not a dress. I definitely make no secret of the fact that I think dresses are the best thing after sliced warm Maltese bread and butter. But sometimes, just sometimes, being different is kind of cool and fun. Sometimes we associate occasions with dresses a bit too much, so much so that I’ve been asked by women who dislike dresses whether it is ok not to wear one. It is definitely ok, actually, I think trousers can look a lot more polished and sleek on certain people than a dress.
I’m often asked what my style is and I truly don’t know that answer to this question, I’m a person with many styles but one thing that is really, truly, madly me is the flared out ultra-girly, dress/skirt style. I’m aware that I’ve ‘done’ this ‘look’ far too many times and sometimes I almost cringe as I feel I’m repeating myself whenever I wear a new one. I hate repetition in any form. I don’t really think I can part with my pretty dresses AND you can expect to continue seeing a bunch of them but this is my version of trying something else. Yep, this is my new morning occasion outfit look and I think it’s fabulous.


Outfit: All MANGANO

All Photos by Kurt Paris


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