Day 4 at Malta Fashion Week

I am fully aware that I’m putting up the pictures of Day 4 before Day 2 and Day 3 but I’m working on what in Maltese we call ‘aptit’ meaning ‘in the mood for’ and this is the one I felt like talking about. This was my most comfortable outfit – I wore trainers and also I was relatively warm contrary to the other days. This outfit was also the only ‘last minute’ one, I planned it literally 30 mins before I left the house, the other days were all pre-selected, this was a case of – ‘what’s unworn in my wardrobe’. The ‘coat’ and culottes were both bought during one of my trips to Stockholm and had never been worn, The crop top and shoes are recent additions from Teamsport – the shoes are Adidas Superstars and I’m in love with them, they’re slip on and part canvas, making them perfect for summer. I also added a pair of green bubble shaped MAX&Co shades from O’hea Opticians that I felt paired up really well with the look

Trousers, Coat : WEEKDAY

Shoes : Adidas Superstars via Teamsport

Crop Top : Nike via Teamsport

Bag : Michael Kors via Rebelli

Sunglasses : MAX&Co via O’hea Opticians

All Photos by Kurt Paris

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