Serbia Fashion Week – Wearing Latex

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories, then you know I’m in Serbia for their bi-annual fashion week event held in Novi Sad. I’ve seen some very interesting fashion and I will be giving you a rundown along with my list of favourites but for the meantime, here’s what I wore. 

If you had asked me to list one thing that I never thought I would ever wear to a fashion week event, up until 1 month ago, I am pretty sure that a latex dress would have been top of my list. Lates /shiny PVC / vinyl is on trend now, that’s true but I still never expected it to make my fashion week wardrobe. I chose this outfit from Miss Selfridge and at first, I went for a usual snazzy pair of trousers, cool top combo sort of thing but I really wanted the coat and it didn’t work so well with the trousers and top idea. Then I saw the dress and initially ignored it, then I saw it again, it won’t suit me I thought, I’m not thin enough, then I said..well if I’m visiting the changing room anyway…..and I LOVED IT. Especially combined with the coat. When Kurt, the hubby, saw me in it, he was a bit *ahem* taken aback but he also loved the coat and dress combo.

Then, of course, he saw an elephant around my neck, actually that garnered a big nod of approval from him – I actually love the Unode50 elephant necklace and I think, provided a good contrast to the latex.

So long story short – never say never or at least say it to yourself, that way you don’t need to retract your words, in my case I over analyse my brain way too much so I’m just screwed, maybe literally.

So I wore a lates dress – to fashion week. I did indeed. It felt sexy, comfortable (I swear, it really is) and really frigging Fun.


Outfit Details

Dress, Coat : Miss Selfridge

Bag : Gucci

Shoes : Tosca Blu

Jewellery : UNOde50

Sunglasses : Dsquared via O’hea Opticians

Nails : Sue Caruana Beauty Inc at Niumee


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