Those Growing Older Feelings

Growing older is not always easy, past the age of 25, for most people it stops feeling exciting. I know many women who dread their birthdays, who cried when they turned 30 and who hate ticking that different box in a survey. Whilst we all appreciate the gift and beauty of youth, I think the main thing about life is to feel satisfied with your life, feel like you accomplished something in this last year and feel like even though not everything is as you may wish (when is it ever?) you at least feel like your life is not being ‘wasted’. 

I always celebrate birthdays, I celebrate the fact that I’m still alive and kicking, still progressing in my careers, relationships and learnings, still discovering new things and meeting new people. I wrote this message down in my journal (remember that journal I wrote about here), a message to myself, something to look at when I need a pickup, something to live by.


Journal from La Vie at Plaza

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