L’Occitaine Almond Body Love

Almonds and their unique properties in providing nourishing skincare are often overlooked. We think of almonds as something yummy and what we use to fill our figolli and cakes in Malta. Almond oil however, has super, super nourishing properties. At L’Occitaine they have an entire almond range that looks, smells and is great. 

I was given two of their best-selling products to try out – a shower oil and a body cream. I’m not new to their shower oils actually and I once had a small bottle of this almond one, they’re great, really really moisturising and lovely. Basically, the key feature of this product is that when it comes in contact with water it transforms into a thick, luxurious foam that leaves a satin-soft sheen all over your body. I love baths so I tried this mainly under running water in my bath but you can also use it in the shower too of course.

The cream is thick and luxurious, it was instantly absorbed by my dry skin so I didn’t feel sticky and I didn’t have to wait for ages before wearing clothes. I personally love the fragrance but there is one for those who hate fragranced creams. This cream is labelled as firming and smoothing, I’m not sure about the firming part, I’m probably not a religious enough user but I definitely think it helps with the smoothing skin factor.

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