Imedeen Brand Ambassador

I did say that this was an exciting week – if you followed my Insta Stories last Thursday (username @carolinestyling) then you saw some clips from the Imedeen launch party and my news that I’ve been named the company’s brand ambassador in Malta. I’m very flattered to have been picked for this role and really […]

Beauty : SPLAT Toothpaste

Recently, I’ve become a bit more ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘aware’ of what I’m putting on my face and body. This generation cares so much about clean eating and organic food but I think when it comes to skin care, hair care etc – we care less. SPLAT is a new generation toothpaste that cares a lot […]

Beauty : Teeth Whitening

The other week I decided to undergo a new type of beauty maintenance – Teeth Whitening. As you might have realised, I tend to show my entire set of teeth when I smile. I also have green tea, dark choc and red wine obsessions which are all stained-teeth culprits so lately I found myself lamenting my […]