There’s a Monster in the House

I’ve always said that cute things make me happy but I never thought I would own a cute bottle of perfume. I generally favour scents from the more established / older fragrance houses so I didn’t really think they’d ever use a cute bottle. Along comes Nina Ricci and these monsters, they’ve basically repackaged their famous Luna and Nina fragrances in these bottles designed by Brazilian artists Anna Strumpf and Guto Requena. A matching pom-pom is attached for good measure.

Nina, is my red choice, a fresh, juicy scent with high citrus notes and a helping of pear with notes of blackcurrant. It feels sweet and light but not sickeningly sweet, a morning scent that carries you through from Spring up until Autumn.

I took this perfume with me to Barcelona, a cute partner in crime as I walked the streets of this vibrant city, so rich in culture but so great at having fun and letting loose. I like to think of this monster as the cute monster inside of me, that monster that wants to be free, that monster waiting for all the anxious thoughts to settle, for all the problems and restrictions to be removed from my mind. I can be super easy going or super stressed about all the little things in life, I’m the type of person that sometimes puts up walls that prevents me from ever feeling liberated. That monster was my monster waiting to have fun in Barcelona.

Photos by Kurt Paris

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