Let Them Eat Pizza

At Da Marina Pizzeria

There are many pizzerias in Malta, there’s no doubt about that but yet so many times when trying to decide on a restaurant,  don’t manage to find one that meets my perhaps long list of criteria. This is my rather perhaps *long* list.

  1. Parking
  2. Outdoor Option
  3. Yummy pizza
  4. If my nephew or nieces are joining then it must also be good for kids.
  5. Doesn’t require a super-long drive.
  6. I must like the pizza

A few weeks ago, whilst staying at Marina Hotel, Corinthia Beach Resort I had dinner at their newly opened and refurbished Da Marina Pizzeria, the Da Marina restaurant has existed for a while of course but they’ve now changed things around. There is now Da Marina Cucina Italiana and Da Marina Pizzeria which are run as different restaurants. The pizzeria has a gorgeous indoor setting but also a super great terrace with amazing views. A good thing about the terrace is that it’s covered which, to be honest, is a must if you’ve just had your hair blowdried.

The restaurant meets all my 6 constraints – there’s a car park which they reimburse, this terrace, amazing pizza that I actually like, kids are welcome and there’s place for them to move around if they need to. The location of course depends on where you live but St Julians is super central.

So I went there for dinner with the hubby and my parents and we ate bruschetta, calamari, and of course pizza and more pizza.

Wearing Dress : Cortefeil

All Pictures Shot at Da Marina Pizzeria , Marina Hotel, Corinthia Beach Resort


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