My Must-Have Hand Products

It may seem like a good problem to have but sometimes maintaining your hands can feel like a bit of a tiring chore. My hands, like pretty much the rest of my body are always dry, I moisturise daily, I use cuticle oil (maybe not as often as I should but I do) and I get my nails tended to every 3 weeks ( Gels at Beauty Inc). Whilst my nails always still look great by the time the next appointment rolls around, my hands often don’t.

So I’ve decided to start using some new products to see whether there can be an improvement. A hand scrub, I bought this scrub back in January but just left it there, it’s actually really nice and feels great, the good thing is that it is a no-rinse formula so you literally just apply it to your hands, clean them and rub it into your hands and it quickly gets absorbed. The brand also makes some really great hand soap too (I bought the products from Franks but not sure if they are available elsewhere).

The hand cream has also been at me since January but in my defence, I had other open ones so I kept forgetting about this. Bioderma always have lovely products, I’ve started using this hand cream right before I go to bed and it’s lightweight but seemingly quite effective, I like the fact that it is absorbed quickly and my hands don’t feel sticky. On the other hand, I have used thicker ( yes also stickier) formulas that are maybe more suitable for extremely cold days but this is perfect for this time of year.

My nails are currently this pretty shade of coral with 2 nails painted using a 3D shiny effect (Andreia products). I love the colour, I might go for it again sometime soon actually.

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