Making your Lipstick Work OVERTIME

“I want my lipstick to disappear the minute I drink my tea” – said no woman ever. Thankfully, nowadays, long-lasting lipsticks are really popular so finding a lipstick that offers at least some resistance to food and drink isn’t as impossible as it used to be. My problem with most available products is that they’re really drying and I own a fabulous paid of extra dry lips, another gripe I have is the finish is always matte which whilst I do like, not with every outfit.

The Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipstick is one of the only long-lasting formulas that doesn’t flake on my lips. It’s super, super long lasting – the claim is up to 16 hrs and I can attest that last Sunday after an entire morning out and a 3-course meal with too many cocktails, my lippies still had colour (there was some minimal fading). In Malta, in pharmacies and large supermarkets, there are 7 different shades available – the one I’m wearing in this pic is called “infinite rasberry” and is my favourite of the lot. The product consists of the matte liquid lipstick part and the top up gloss part which helps to moisturise and protect the lip colour. It feels really comfortable and it didn’t peel or flake off for me.

P.S. It is a bit tough to take off and I needed to use an oil-based cleanser to get it well and truly all off my hands after I swatched it below. For regular lippie use micellar water was good enough although oil works faster.

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