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In the last year, one of the things I’m giving a lot of importance to is skincare. I’ve always taken care of my skin on some level but previously, there were days where I sleep with my makeup on, others when I skipped the serum etc. Nowadays not only does my nighttime regimen consist of about 5 different steps (saving that for another post) but I’ve also been taking skincare supplements for a year now. As you know, I was asked to be Imedeen’s brand ambassador last year and I’ve been hooked on the brand ever since.

In the last 6 months, a new product was released – collagen shots. 

What is a Collagen Shot:

Collagen in itself is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues. If we didn’t have any collagen in our body our skin would be extremely dry, nails would constantly break, even our bones would break!

Collagen is of course insanely good for our skin but mainly not in a topical format, the benefits are much higher when ingested. When drunk, it is basically distributed through the blood to the deepest levels of our skin, multiplying and stimulating those cells which are responsible for the actual production of collagen.

Benefits of a Collagen Shot:

The benefits of drinking collagen shots are – less noticeable wrinkles, softer, smoother skin and less fine lines. The basic fundamental aim is, of course, to look younger or well, slow down the natural ageing process.

Modern Skincare is not just about topical care but also about ingesting the right ingredients.


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