Denim & Autumn Delights at River Island

Since the weather is getting cooler, it’s time to start looking for those key pieces with which to fill our autumnal wardrobes. Since Malta is, by and large, a rather warm country, it always makes sense to invest in pieces that can transition into different seasons and climates. An example of this is this white shirt below that […]

Halloween Ideas

  In Malta, Halloween has only recently become a ‘thing’. When I was a child I had never even heard of it let alone gone trick or treating, carnival was Malta’s dress-up event. I discovered it as a teen along with all the possible leather combo outfits that exist. My favourite thing about Halloween costumes […]

Thinking Female

I’ve never been a big believer in products specifically targeted towards female hygiene but I was recently given the Canesfresh wash to try out and I decided to give it a shot. I loved it! I’ve been using it almost daily for two whole months and I’m definitely buying another one when it runs out.

Autumn Dress Code

Is it Autumn? Had to tell in Malta, not many deciduous trees shedding leaves and the climate seems to be stuck in an end-of-summer heat vibe with occasional windy spells. I always find this time of year very hard in terms of what to wear. It feels wrong to wear pure summer clothes but silly to wear winter […]

Scents of Pleasure

In general, I am somewhat of a fickle person – a lot of my likes and dislikes are highly dependant on my mood of the day. My poor husband who undertakes the task of cooking for me is often left feeling rather confused when I suddenly stop liking yesterday’s favourite food. I can’t help it, […]