Mont Blanc Opens in Valletta

Did you know that a Mont Blanc mono-alone store just opened in Valletta? The shop is on Merchants’ Street just right next to Luciano Restaurant and the familiar pizza-man statue just outside it. The store is sleek and gorgeous, the design has been kept minimal with fabulous use of space. I went in there with […]

Visiting the Taj Mahal

As many photos as you might see before visiting the Taj Mahal, nothing truly prepares you for its grandeur and magnificence. First of all, simply put it is enormous, secondly, it is absolutely stunning. It was built by Shah Jahan to house the body of the love of his life, his first wife Mumtaj Mahal.. For […]

Reflections in India on Paper

I wanted to start writing in my Marina Vaptzarova journal from La Vie the minute I acquired it but as usual, I didn’t want to spoil it so I waited for the right moment. India was most definitely that moment. There’s something about recording your emotions on paper after experiencing something great and beautiful that is almost […]

Touches of Gold & Diamonds

I am pretty sure that throughout my lifetime I have bought myself something from each fashion category. When I say bought myself, I mean ‘walked into the store and parted with my hard earned cash’ not received as a gift. What I haven’t ever bought myself is jewellery. I don’t mean costume jewellery, there’s plenty […]