Does Size Really Matter?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been conditioned by sizes, clothing sizes that is. I still remember being asked what size jeans I wore by my class mates at school and being scared to say in case it was too large. Fast forward to today and I can spin into an irrational bad mood if […]

Skinny Coffee – The lowdown

One of the latest diet trends is the idea of a tea or coffee detox drink. There are many converts and just as many sceptics. I’ve actually been drinking one of these coffees from the brand skinny coffee club for a few months now, I started back in January. The brand had contacted me to […]

Shiny Fever

I’ve been obsessed with highlighting this summer, I even sometimes apply to sit in the office all day, but something about those shiny cheekbones, brow arches…ooh it’s just too much fun. I’ve also always loved the idea of shiny eyes, that disco look a la Cher, I’ve always found it hard to properly create though, […]

Dining at The Edge

Last week I visited a new and brilliant restaurant at the Radisson Blu St Julians – The Edge. The restaurant is right at the water’s edge and has such a beautiful, relaxed vibe and atmosphere. It was a hot night but at least there was a breeze. From the minute I arrived up till the […]