Body Shape Post : Pear Shape and Skinny Jeans

I know a lot of people who live by the motto wear what you want when you want which is a great motto but the good old truth is that the way you dress yourself can make a hell of a difference in how you look and most people I know care even if they don’t admit it.

I’ve written many body shape posts incl how to learn your body shape, what to wear if you’re a pear, what to wear if you’re an apple and many more…what I haven’t yet tackled is breaking these rules. I’m starting this off today with a how to wear skinny jeans if you’re a pear post. Let’s start by stating that skinny jeans are probably the worst style of jeans for a pear shaped body, they draw attention to the bum and thighs, they highlight a narrow ankle and create an imbalance..they do exactly what a pear doesn’t want them to do basically.
So why would a pear wear them ?
I can only answer this from my own peary perspective. I am currently sitting here writing this, wearing guess what – a pair of skinny jeans and my reason is that they’re comfortable, I’m wearing them with trainers (bootcut and flared options I find need a bit of a heel) and I own a million and one skinny jeans because I tend to fall in love with them in the shops. Last but not least, most shops insist on selling only skinny jeans. So this is reality – the truth is we will sometimes wear something we shouldn’t wear purely because we want to. I liken this to my habit of eating chocolate every day (I’m lactose intolerant)
So what to do ?
There are ways to minimise the damage a pair of skinny jeans can cause to a pear shaped body. Now I’m going to state a somewhat controversial fact here – I believe that only a slim pear can get away with skinny jeans, I think that if you’re slightly on the heavier side, there isn’t really a way to minimise the damage or at least I don’t think I know how to.
Damage Control for Skinny Jeans
A slim pear probably doesn’t have wide hips, it’s actually the discrepancy between the pear’s narrow waist and hip width that makes them look wide…but their measurement might actually be quite small. This means that we have to do something a bit strange here – we need to grow the waist and upper body.
Adding volume to the waist & upper body – this means wearing a loose top, padded shoulders, not wearing belts, not wearing tight fitting tops. Off-the-shoulder necklines are also great at drawing attention upwards onto the face and away from the thighs and hips whilst adding a sense of width to the shoulders.
What to Buy?
Avoid too-light washes, avoid whiskering on the hips, or zips on the hips, avoid any horizontal patterns and if they’re a bit big from the waist, have them taken in – don’t let them fall down and bag at the crotch area.
Hopefully, there are a few sad pears out there who can turn their frown upside down now.

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