Malta Fashion Week : Ferragiu & Nilara : 2015

Tonight’s show was quite a lovely one, the location was great and the setup was very visually appealing. The show showcased two designers with very different styles. Both designers however have great workmanship and high quality tailoring in common. It was a pleasure to watch both of them tonight.

All Photos by KURT PARIS

Juliana Scerri Ferrante describes Ferragiu’s second collection as evoking the Renaissance time period and that sense of artistic extravagance is quite obviously present within her patterns and designs. I’m not really going to delve into reviewing her work as I work too closely with Juliana (the designer of Ferragiu) in various fashion matters for it not to sound biased but I do have to mention that I genuinely loved the beautiful silk patterns and flowing pieces. Her focus on quality, involving different artisanal skills mainly found in Italy and Malta, give her pieces quite a unique touch. She also has a unique way of combining different textures and fabrics that are not commonly seen.

Here are my favourite picks.

This was my absolute favourite – I want to throw the model out and crawl into that photo myself in her place. I really like the combination fo the different fabrics and colours.

Next up was Nilaya and I give Nilay Topai Camilleri a big thumbs up, I feel she really stepped up to the plate and designed an excellent collection. There was good music, an interesting theme – ‘Paint It Black’ and a continuing story line and colour concept that flowed from one piece to the other. Not all the pieces are wearable, some are a little too dramatic to be worn off the catwalk but there are quite a few dresses that I would quite love to wear to some fabulous party. 
One thing that struck me about this collection is how it celebrated the female form, albeit some of the pieces require a perfect female form but they drape the body in such a way that enhances and flatters existing curves. There’s some lovely intricate detailing on many of the pieces and I especially enjoyed seeing how the gorgeous lace fabrics were worked within the pieces.

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