Family Corner : ErgoBaby Carrier and a Little Darling

Last weekend, I conducted a bit of a special review – I reviewed the Ergobaby carrier  from MaltaMum shop with my darling little niece Ella. The carrier is designed to, as the name implies, carry the baby, basically the idea is that it promotes bonding with your baby and leaves your hands free from pushing a stroller / buggy / carrying the child, allowing you to carry on doing whatever you need to do more easily.

The features as listed on the website include

  • Suitable For Use From Birth/ 3.2Kg (With Ergobaby Infant Insert) Or 5.5Kg – 20Kg
  • Allows You To Carry In 3 Positions – Front, Back & Hip
  • Child Is Seated In Ergonomic Position For Optimum Hip & Spinal Development
  • Ultimate Comfort For Parents With Padded Waist & Shoulder Belts

My Experience

I found the Ergobaby carrier to be very comfortable, Ella weighs around 8 kilos, she can start to feel heavy after holding her for a long while, especially if she starts squirming. I could barely feel her weight whilst using the carrier, my back felt supported and there was no pull on my neck muscles either.

I was afraid that Ella would start crying when I first placed her in the carrier but no – she seemed actually quite content to be in it, her fascination with my earrings might have helped somewhat though. I even managed to jump with her in it whilst holding her from the bottom and she laughed quite happily at that.

Now the next step is to steal her from her parents one day and take her out shopping with me.. I wonder if she’d like changing rooms…she does seem to enjoy mirrors in general…

Shopping Details: Ergobaby Carrier –

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