Beauty: Miss Dior – Fragrance for a Woman

I hope you are enjoying beauty week on the blog so far. Today’s post is ‘beauty with a difference’ – Perfume or Fragrance, whichever word tickles your fancy. 
The new Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming perfume by  – guess which brand ? – Dior, has pretty and lovely romantic packaging. The type of purchase that dresses both you and your room up. Random fact – The Miss Dior perfume actually has a bit of a cult following.  It was released by Christian Dior in 1947 and there are people who own literally every edition ever released and like to keep the bottles even when they’re used up. 

Time for a short review on this pretty little thing and first and foremost, one thing I need to definitely point out, is that this is a very long-lasting perfume, it literally stays on all day. In my books, this is a good thing as I don’t generally carry perfume around with me for re-application.
The scent is actually a lot less girly than you would imagine. The notes of red berry with white musk are womanly and defined, made me think of glamour mixed with sophistication, strength and power rather than pretty, young girls in bows as the bottle might belie. Perfumes will always smell different on each person, it largely depends on how it adapts to your skin and your own personal scent. I generally tend to go for fruity scents so this is right up my alley. That being said, it is not a sickly fruity scent so even non-fruity-scent lovers might find it interesting. In my case, I’ll be keeping this one for certain days and nights out  when I’m in the mood for feeling feminine and sophisticated. 

The Perfume is stocked at all Franks stores in Malta

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