My Year in Charms : September

What a month this has been – lots of travelling, lots of upheaval, just lots of everything, I honestly don’t even know how to begin telling his month’s story. It has been a journey in so many different ways. As most of you know, I’ve been telling my story in charms for an entire year now, a delightful year of collecting Pandora charms that must mean something to me according to the month of  the year. This month had too many stories, a dress to represent fashion week could have worked, a passport or a luggage to represent travelling or a broken heart to represent the way I’ve been feeling lately about being sad at constantly missing out on something because I’m in another country. 

None of these sad it all so I went for something completely different, I chose my star sign. Pandora have recently launched star sign charms and I think it was the perfect summation. A Capricorn is generally deemed as the practical ‘go-getter’, the strong-willed, stubborn person who perseveres util the goal is met. I’m not really the type of person who reads my horoscope every month but I do believe I posses many of the character traits generally attributed to a Capricorn.l So for this month, I thought I’d add something that is just purely about me
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