Dining at Zest


As part of my ongoing collaboration with The Entertainer (the fantastic app/book that gives you 2-4-1 at various restaurants and establishments), I visited Zest to sample their fantastic menu. Zest is actually one of my favourite restaurants. I love Asian food in general but Zest especially always provides such excellent delights and all with perfect courteous service, I really really enjoy it whenever I visit.

I went with the hubby and we were utter pigs, I mean we literally had everything – dumplings, tempura, pad thai noodles, curry, wine, desert…..it was an orgy of delicious food. They served us some homemade crackers and bread to start with and a chef’s starter special, then we moved on to dumplings – an Asain favourite of mine, then tempura deliciousness (cooked perfectly without any greasy aftertastes) followed by prawn and lamb curry and pad thai noodles. I had to have the chocolate fondant for desert but they actually followed it up with mini brownies.


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