Travel : Dinner Time at The Dorchester

For a ‘fashion person’, I probably enjoy eating out a bit too much, I can honestly say it’s probably one of my top three things to do in life, especially at great restaurants. When I received an invitation during LFW to dinner at the Dorchester, I was definitely excited. The restaurant I visited is The Grill – the place is a perfect combination of luxury and ease. If you’re in the mood for amazing service and food but would prefer an ambiance that doesn’t feel too formal but still luxurious, then this is the absolute perfect place in London.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the head waiter who was incredibly polite and friendly, offering friendly suggestions when I especially wasn’t sure what to order. The sommelier also did an excellent job of choosing great wine pairings and cocktails for me with my food.
To begin with, we were served a delicious hummus pate with crisp bread toast crackers – I kept trying to force myself to hold off, thinking of all the food still to come but it was delicious. We were also served homemade bread that had stilton inside it – superb and utterly wicked.

It’s rare for me to choose soups – I tend to prefer solid food over liquid food but this blue lobster chowder bisque screamed at me from the menu and I couldn’t resist. No disappointment here, full on perfect lobster tasting heaven.

Kurt went for an heirloom tomato salad that he described as amazingly tasty and pleasant but also light and refreshing, perfect prior to a heavier main course.
Wine is always important….
For my main course, I went for my favourite fish – John Dory. The fish was pan fried with one of the fillets fried in breadcrumbs. Both were served on a bed of quinoa and sesame seeds accompanied by a delicate pea sauce. When fish is cooked well, retaining its original flavour whilst still absorbing the cooking flavours it has been given, there’s honestly nothing better. This dish was perfect.
Kurt chose the organic Aberdeen Angus beef tournedos served with what was described as ‘Maxim’s’ Potatoes. I’m not a beef lover but for some reason, maybe all the wine, I decided to taste this and I actually quite liked it – it had a great texture which is usually what bugs me most with beef. Kurt went quiet for most of this course, eating slowly and lapping it up – all signs of pure contentment – I also stole some of his potatoes although I had ordered a whole side of fries for myself.
Desert choice – time confounded me – there were two chocolate heaven deserts described – I decided to go for a Sao Tome Chocolate 75%, apparently from the famous Alain Ducasse whilst the hubby went for a Sicilian pistachio, salted caramel souffle.
And just in case we hadn’t eaten enough….
 The fabulous lobby….

All Photos by Kurt Paris taken at The Dorchester Grill Restaurant in London

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