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This was probably my favourite outfit from fashion week, not only because of the clothes themselves but mainly because of the reaction they got. So first of all, this top, skirt and shawl are by Chinese designer ANNAKIKI who you’ve seen me wear before here and here. Her clothes are highly original and right up my alley. 
So let me explain why it ended up being my favourite. I find Milan to be quite a judgemental fashion city, even more so at fashion week. On this day, this outfit got quite a bit of attention. For the first hour of the day, when everyone started at me and gave me that typical Milanese lookover, immediately looking away right after, I considered going home to change. Maybe it was too much after all I pondered. After 4 seasons of Milan Fashion Week, I am used to getting that cold look over but not at the frequency this particular outfit was generating.

Then all of a sudden, almost like a switch, something happened, someone actually came up to me to ask me who the designer is because they loved the outfit, and then another and then another and then the photographers outside Ermanno Scervino loved it and I was relieved. Actually, in the end, this outfit was a great conversation starter with the people who came up to speak to me.  With a few of them, I actually discussed how i had felt earlier and how in Milan it is so hard to figure out what people are thinking. It really is rare for people to actually tell you, in London, it’s quite common for people to tell you they like what you’re wearing or at least a part of it. Well, a couple of Italian girls claimed that generally, in Milan, if they’re staring it generally means it’s good otherwise they’d be laughing.
So it’s my favourite because I got to know a couple of interesting people through it and it also made me feel that maybe next season when I’m getting looked up and down, I don’t need to be quite as nervous.

This motorcycle was really quite useful….

This venue where the Cividini show was held is really stunning and slap bang in the centre of Milan.

Outfit Details

Skirt, Top, Shawl : ANNAKIKI
Boots : Nero Giardini via Stivaletti
Bag: Michael Kors via Rebelli
Watch : Cartier Santos via Diamonds International
Sunglasses : Fendi via O’hea Opticians
Bracelet : Pandora
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