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So if you’re driving around Malta this month, you may notice my smiling face on a billboard wearing a beautiful pair of glasses with hoya blu lenses. I am proud to announce that I have been selected as the face of O’hea Opticians’ Hoya Blu Control lenses…………..more comfort in the digital world ! 
This is the photo on the billboard. 

2017 has only just begun and I already feel like I’m not quite sure what’s going on – between traveling to and fro Malta, keeping abreast with all that’s going on in the world and just catching up with all the work I have to do – I’m out of breath. It is however definitely an exciting time for me. London and Milan fashion week have now ended and I decided not to continue on to Paris – too exhausted but this was probably my best season ever. I made the decision to attend less events and shows and be a bit more selective and I feel I had a better experience and got to attend some really great ones.
If you haven’t been keeping up to date with my content head over to TheTimesOfMalta.com for my coverage, there will be articles here soon but firstly they’re all going up over there.

I was pretty excited about working on this project, anything that in some way marries my tech life with my fashion life is for me a bonus. So about these glasses – Hoya Blu lenses are intended for tech users, they are not necessarily sighted lenses and mine aren’t, their purpose is to reduce the blue light emitted by digital screens, minimising glare and enhancing contrast. Heavy tech use – guilty as charged can cause eye strain and insomnia. Hoya’s BlueControl lens coating helps to combat this by providing effective blue light protection. I have been using them for a few weeks now and I definitely noticed a difference. I tend to squint when I ‘m tired and still typing away, these seem to prevent that happening.
So the frames are Fendi – Fendi eyewear has something really distinctive about them, I fell in love with this paid the minute I laid eyes on it at O’hea. I took them with me to fashion week of course, that’s when I need them most! I wore this outfit Friday night to the Bvlgari presentation and the Aigner show and John Richmond party. I’m wearing a new favourite – a Missoni shawl from Rebelli and some lovely jewellery from Pandora.

Outfit Details

Shawl : Missoni via Rebelli

Trousers : ANNAKIKI

Jewellery : Pandora

Nails : Beauty Team Mosta

Glasses : Fendi with Hoya Blu lenses O’hea Opticians

All Photos by Kurt Paris

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