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I did say that this was an exciting week – if you followed my Insta Stories last Thursday (username @carolinestyling) then you saw some clips from the Imedeen launch party and my news that I’ve been named the company’s brand ambassador in Malta. I’m very flattered to have been picked for this role and really delighted to be working with such a special product.

What is Imedeen ?
Imedeen is in a nutshell – oral skincare – ‘ skincare supplements defy aging with a naturally-derived BioMarine Complex that works beneath the skin’s surface‘. I’ve been reading a lot of good things about oral skincare in general for a while now, it’s been getting quite a lot of hype especially from thebigf fashion magazines. Imedeen in particular, which started out as a Danish company and has now grown really big in the UK gets a lot of mentions. I’ve always been an avid user and preacher of a good skincare regime but I do hold with the theory that sometimes you need help from within to combat those deeper layers, it’s the same with anything really, topical treatments can only take you so far.
The way Imedeen works, is that there are three different categories which have been differentiated by age – 25+, 40+ and 50+. Before starting the tablets, the first step is to undergo a skin collagen analysis test, this will determine the age of your collagen so to speak, which does generally fall into the same category as your actual age, hence why the different treatments have been categorised as such.
The special factor about Imedeen is that the company has carried out over 12 scientific as well as several consumer studies that back up the product’s beneficial effects on the skin. The ingredients are all natural based that are scientifically documented to be safe and effective.
The product is being imported in Malta by Vivian Corporation and as their brand ambassador I’m going to be trialing the product with regular skin tests to monitor progress. I had my first test done at the event – and my category is 25+. My collagen is apparently in pretty good shape but there’s always room for improvement and the product should also show me other benefits that I am really looking forward to – mainly a decrease in dry skin (with all the travelling, lately I can’t seem to combat this properly) and a reduction in dark circles, I really need to start sleeping more.
I’ll be keeping you updated with my progress and in the meantime, if you’re interested in trying out the test and product for yourselves, a number of pharmacies will be offering the skin test and selling the products. Melita Health and Beauty in St Julians are the main promoters for this first week but a number of other pharmacies across Malta are also on board, so just drop me an email if you want some more info.

With all the bloggers at the launch party event
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    Please send me more info. This SOunds cool. Can i FInd them in the south? Thanks

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      Hi DENISE,

      THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN IMEDEEN. YOU MAY get in touch with us on or 22588600 and we will supply you with all the relative information you require.

      Sara camenzuli

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