Malta Fashion Week – PARASCANDALO –

PARASCANDALO is a crowd puller, definitely no dispute there – both turnout and interest were very very high last night. Marco is a man of many talents but one of his greatest is to appeal to a wide range of people. He provides a collection that different people want to wear, a collection that people of different ages and sexes want to wear. This means, that you can easily end up in a situation where a 20-year-old girl and her mother actually want the same item.

In my opinion, the highlight of the show were the denim pieces – I truly loved the denim, embellished jacket – so great in so many ways. Especially great that it was presented as both a male and female piece. The denim skirt and star-patterned jeans also excited me. Other standouts were the knitwear bombers, the long, fringed cape/shawl and a two-piece bustier and skirt. All very interesting pieces

There was also a small ‘tracksuit-style range’ presented and whilst I understand the appeal of this range, I wasn’t that wowed by them. I felt they lacked the star power of the denim pieces although they do have some really funky prints. It could be the case that I didn’t get that excited by these particular pieces due to the fact that there were quite a few different trends featuring within the collection and these felt like they were on a different level. Sometimes, how much you like a piece depends on what you’re seeing it next to. The prints are great though, truly building on Marco’s sense of fun and humour that we’ve come to love and expect along these past years.

This is definitely a highly wearable collection and one Maltese (& Intl but especially Maltese) people should definitely purchase. There is no need for any special occasions to wear this, no need for some clever styling. This is a collection designed to have fun with and enjoy wearing – so guys this is your chance to wear something local, something fun and just really cool. – – – –
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