LFW on a Sunday

Although I’ve been going to London Fashion Week for 7/8 seasons – I’ve seriously lost count, I haven’t really made that many friends. I don’t find it easy to infiltrate into formed groups or to strike up conversations with the person standing/sitting beside me. Often, at these events everyone seems to know each other and be in some sort of clique, my phone is my best friend, which is why I carry around multiple portable batteries.

Ironically a friend I did make is Banke from A Style Diary, and I say ironically because although I did meet her in London, I really got to know her over at Milan and Malta Fashion Week not at LFW. So on this weekend we decided to meet up, snaps our outfits and go for a traditional blogger’s meal, smashed avocado on sourdough bread and juice.

Jumpsuit : River Island

Bag, Jacket : Michael Kors via Rebelli

Hair : LABELM / Toni & Guy UK at LFW

Jumpsuit : River Island

Bag, Jacket : Michael Kors via Rebelli

Hair : LABELM / Toni & Guy UK at LFW

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