Summer Endings

& Swatch


This is the second summer that ended prematurely, for two summers in a row, I ended up travelling for long periods of time somewhat unexpectedly. I’m currently halfway through a 2-week trip to London, the weather is cold and rainy a far cry from Malta’s beach-appropriate weather. I do feel somewhat cheated.

I did get a new watch right before I left though, this SWATCH skin beauty that is actually perfect for casual days out. It’s casual but still sleek exuding an almost Scandi-style vibe with its minimalist design. I matched it to this shirt dress that has been sitting in my wardrobe unworn for a while now, it seemed like the perfect marriage.

As a brand, Swatch has always interested me, they tend to have really interesting collections, sometimes fun and cute such as with dogs or cats and other times snazzy and sleek like this one. Over the years the brand has also retained their top quality, I own about 5 swatches and not once has one ever broken down.

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