Meluna Menstrual Cup – My Experience

One of the current hot internet conversation topics has been all about menstrual cups and their pros and cons. When I first heard about them, I was a bit sceptical and not all really inclined to try one out. Actually what changed my mind is a friend raving on about them and well, also just sheer plain curiosity. I ordered the Meluna cup online and it was delivered the next day.

For those still in the dark, a menstrual cup is a pad / tampon replacement for when you’ve got your period or as we usually say, when we are on. I’ve always thought that was a weird way to phrase it – I’m on, as though I’m otherwise in off mode. Truth be told I feel it is generally quite the opposite, I’m off when I’ve got my period, off somewhere in the clouds hovering between incredibly tired, to trying to deal with persistent stomach cramps. I digress.. So instead of using a tampon or a pad along comes a menstrual cup.

The Meluna menstrual cup is reusable and made of a type of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) specifically manufactured for the medical device industry. It is not made of silicone which makes it feel smoother and not sticky.It also comes in different sizes and there is a size guide available.

The way in which to use this little thing is to insert it inside you, just as you would a tampon, the package comes with clear instructions on how to fold it and more so I won’t bore you with those sort of details. It also comes with a warning that the first couple of times should feel uncomfortable and it requires practice to get right. There is a possible option to add an extender to help with insertion and removal, I ordered it but ended up not using it.

My experience was actually much better than this, I had absolutely no problems getting the hang of using it, it was super easy and it worked straight away i.e. I had no leaks. I was previously a tampon user – whenever I wear a pad I feel like I’m wearing a nappy, I hate the experience. I have no problem with tampons except that I actually find they can sometimes be a bit tricky to insert properly and sometimes they can fall out  – am I the only person who has experienced this? I also find the larger sizes a bit uncomfortable. I had no such issues with the Meluna, I literally forgot it on.

I did have one hilarious experience using this, I used it whilst I was out in a sensor controlled bathroom, gory details apart, the light went out at the worst moment imaginable leaving me suspended in position, afraid to move and literally praying that someone would walk in and turn that sensor back on.



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