A Touch of Malta at Milan Fashion Week

Looking at these photos makes me both happy and sad for many reasons. I’m happy with the photos and I loved wearing this dress and top by Maltese designer Ritienne Zammit BUT I forgot to wear the belt that is created from her amazing pattern and would have worked so well. I also wore the lace top back to front but that was an actual decision based on the length and position of my boobs. The belt I just plain forgot. I’m also sad because it is a good few months until a nest fashion week season and as always, I have withdrawal pangs.

All holidays are hard to return from but fashion week is harder than most, there’s something about being part of that world that is so enrapturing and involving, it doesn’t feel like a holiday because it isn’t, it is an entry into another world for a few days after which the door closes and you have to wait for the next opening time.

Of course, there are jobs in this world that would ensure more constant involvement in the large international fashion world – jobs at large fashion magazines, at large fashion houses and much more but back when I was paving my career, from little tiny Malta, those possibilities seemed remote and far-fetched. I know I’m not old and still in time to do whatever I want to do but I don’t really see myself going back to University now and starting afresh. However, I’m truly glad that today’s 20-year-olds have so much more possibilities; the mindset has moved away from parents trying to convince their children that only the professions (doctor/lawyer/ architect) are worth investing time in. I just hope that the local industry also catches up and finds ways to include local talent within the commercial aspect, people like designers Ritienne Zammit who is so talented she leaves the audience breathless at every show, every year. This talent needs to be nurtured and appreciated.


Dress and Lace Top : RITIENNE ZAMMIT

Shoes : River Island

Sunglasses : Gucci via O’hea Opticians

Rings, Bracelet : Pandora

Watch : Cartier via Diamonds Intl

Earrings : Chanel

Headband : Vintage

Nails : Sue Caruana at Niumee

Bag: Chiara Ferragni via Rebelli

The accessories I chose to complement the outfit are all quite elegant, I did not want anything too cluttered or bombastic since the outfit, although it is not colourful is still quite busy in its own way. These rings add prettiness to my hands, and they also matched really well with my nails in my humble opinion.

The new Cartier Panthere is probably one of my favourite watches in existence. It is sleek and bold, utilitarian and glamorous without trying too hard. There are no extra frills or features designed to capture your eye, the design also features the instantly-recognizable screw-down bezel which is one of my favourite features.


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