What does Winter Mean to You?

Today is officially the last day of Autumn. I also tend to think of 1st December as the first official day of Christmas season. Although living in Malta it does sometimes feel difficult to differentiate between season s- those pesky Spring and Autumn tend to skip the island.

What does Winter Mean to You?

I know people who hate Winter and I know others who love it. I fall somewhere in the middle – hate the cold, love the clothes and festivities. What definitely cannot be debated, is that seasons bring about the feeling of change – a renewal of ideas and purposes and a chance to start afresh. Spending time in London during Autumn, surrounded by falling leaves felt good, almost like a cleansing after the Maltese hot summer and the lethargy it brings. I’m channelling these thoughts into a positive Winter outlook and challenging myself to embrace the dropping temperatures, shorter days and even the rainy ones (I hate rain and grey weather). I’m also planning on ensuring that a couple of gas cylinders are stocked in my garage, a couple of new cosy blankets are piled up on my sofa and the Christmas fluffy PJs are washed and folded in my wardrobe.

The Winter Clothes

Winter = Jackets but one jacket is not sufficient, our winters are, by and large not generally very cold so a thin, waterproof jacket like the one I’m wearing in these pics is a must (it is also a lovely shade of mauve, also a must). However, in January there are about 2-3 humid, cold weeks and for those few weeks, you can either invest in a woollen coat / a down jacket / layer up with wool or thermals under your trusty thin but waterproof jacket. The one in these pics has a hood which is another must for me. My thick, down jacket doesn’t have a hood, clearly, there was lack of analysis when purchasing – jackets should have hoods. This jacket is better.

Until next time – enjoy the jackets.

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