The Velvet Blazer at PINK

A few weeks ago, someone asked me to list my must-have items for this season – top of my list was a velvet blazer. So when the opportunity to wear one for the highly anticipated November PINK fashion show arrived, I grabbed it. I hadn’t yet found my perfect black velvet blazer, I have one with military gold etching, I’ve seen some really great teal/ purple tuxedo versions.. but the black version, I was still searching for.

I found this one lurking on the side in Benetton, quietly minding its own business…until I came along and grabbed it, a couple of days after it had entered the store.

I didn’t really wish to wear anything much underneath it but at the same time wasn’t going for a sexy look so I pinned it shut with an antique Maltese brooch. Paired with these jeans and boots, I felt that the look was smart and not overly feminine, a bit different from my usual style.

The PINK fashion show was wonderful as usual. It was held in Xerri Garden Estates and features a great selection of high street fashion brands on the catwalk. A number of cosmetic and jewellery stands were also present for us to browse around after the show.

I loved the garden concept, felt very magical and there were a number of pieces I felt I had to have, live a couple of velvet numbers, a couple of bags, a pair of shades or two..well it’s time to create that Christmas present list isn’t it?


Outfit Details

Blazer : United Colours of Benetton

Shoes, Jeans : River Island

Bag : Miu Miu

Earrings : Dior


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