Beauty : Imedeen Beauty Shot

I’ve been wanting to get started on drinking collagen booster drinks for a while. Last May I started using Imedeen collagen boosting vitamins which have made my skin feel really great. The Imedeen company has now started producing the beauty shot which is meant to be taken alongside the tablets. The drink is a supplement containing an age-defying combination of Collagen and Vitamin C.

When I travel, usually, my skin suffers, I get blackheads, dry patches, blocked pores or open pores, flaky skin – all that jazz. This is usually due to flights, central heating and change of climate. Well, during the month of November, at one point in 24 hours I visited three different countries. Basically, I spent most of November travelling, I have no blackheads, no dry patches, no flaky skin, a few blocked pores but I didn’t pack a scrub. You get the picture. Whether this is down to luck or the Imedeen products, truth be told there’s no way to no for sure, I tried asking my skin but it won’t fess up. However, based on past experience, I’m pointing praise the Imedeen way.

The concept of tacking good skin from within is a rather new one, especially here in Malta. It is also one of the latest trends in skincare and great results continue to be documented, both by this company and others.

Imedeen is available in Pharmacies in case you were wondering.

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