A touch of Guerlain Beauty


I’ve been a fan of Guerlain makeup for a while now. My first ever product was a blush, I bought it about 10 years ago and I whilst it wasn’t my favourite shade, the staying power was incredible and also allowed for almost fool-proof application. This year, thanks to Franks in Malta, I’ve been introduced to quite a few products from their range and the love affair continues to grow.

Cushion foundations are all the rage at present and this anti-fatigue formula is a dream. The Lingerie de Peau has this almost ‘photoshopped’ airbrushed effect that results in such beautiful-looking hydrated skin even when you’ve only had a few hours sleep. I had plenty of time to test this over fashion week and under the most stressful and tiring circumstances too!


However, before applying the gorgeous foundation, I’ve discovered the holy grail of makeup bases – The Meteorites, besides the pretty packaging, I love the slight sheen it gives to my skin, the way my skin feels instantly hydrated and the way foundation (even other brands) glides onto the skin after.

Next up is the lovely gold highlighter and the liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner I expected to hate, I moved away from liquid eyeliners and onto felt tip eyeliners sometime ago, simply because I find the latter harder to apply. This was actually relatively easy, I managed to get a decent cat eye, I’m not sure if I’m converted back though, although the packaging is again a draw. The highlighter, Precious Light eliminates dark circles and adds a glow and freshness, it is great for everyday use and a dark circle eraser but for glam occasions, I need to also use a highlighter with a high wattage 🙂

This mascara has actually been at me for a while, the best part about it is that it allows for easy application onto the corner eyelashes without risking hitting your eye.

Last but not least I also tried out a blush and eyeshadow sample, the blush remains as long lasting as always. The eyeshadows are great too, maybe not my holy grail eyeshadows, I do have some pigments and colour favourites from different brands but I created some really great looks with this palette. They are not extremely pigmented which allows you to build up the colour gradually, this is a great thing if you’re not a pro!

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