New Eyebrows – Micro-pigmentation using Nano Technology

A year ago I decided to do micro blading, back then I was petrified, did a ton of research and cancelled twice before going for it. Back then, I wasn’t really ready to commit to a full-on addition to my brows, only to fill in the gaps in my natural brows. However, a year later, after both fading and a greater awareness of what would wish in a pair of perfect brows. I started speaking to Sue Caruana. Sue has become quite synonymous with perfect brows and especially admire the fact that she does a lot of voluntary work with cancer patients. She uses a technique called micro-pigmentationย using Nanoย Technology. The nano needle gives thin, crisp strokes like a blade does. Sue explained that she prefers this technique to micro blading although she is qualified in both. She has found it to be the case that healing is easier with micro-pigmentation and it also works better on Maltese skins which tend to be a little oily and have large pores.

Well, she was adamant that she could give me the brows of my dreams, that she would correct the fading and change the shape such that I would finally have that arch I had always dreamt about. So I found myself booking the first appointment (the work is split in 2 appointments, the first one and a touchup 6 weeks later) and preparing myself mentally both for the pain throughout the session and after and for the inevitable scabbing etc that would happen the subsequent week. Well, none of that happened apart from earning the perfect brows.

Step 1
The first thing she did is apply numbing cream on my brows which sat there for 15 minutes, the second thing is that she greeted me with this bug smile, relaxed manner that made me feel I was just getting my eyebrows groomed rather than this big deal session.

Step 2
She pencilled on a different shape onto my eyebrows and asked me to choose which shape I wanted, one was higher arched than the other and I chose that. She explained that there would always be a subtle difference between the two brows as brows are sisters not twins and my brow bone and eye ara happens to be quite asymmetrical.

Step 3
She started tattooing – I honestly only had like 2 seconds of pain at one instant. I was talking to her the whole time, I was super relaxed and was surprised when she said she was ready.

Step 4
I looked into the mirror and couldn’t contain my excitement. I gave Sue a huge hug and told her thanks, I couldn’t believe these eyebrows were actually part of my face now.

Step 5
The only instructions I received were to continue wiping them with something she gave me for the next few hours and to then apply vaseline twice a day. She also said to try not to wet them.

One Week Later
These photos were all shot one week later, there has been very minimal fading (there has to be a bit, that’s why there is the second appointment for the touchup 6 weeks later). no scabbing whatsoever and no pain. I had a tiny bit of itching on the 3rd and 4th day and that’s about it.

I’m now the proud owner of these brilliant sexy girls.


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