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When styling an outfit there are some things to keep in mind when adding accessories. The first one is that often ‘less is more’, the second is that the right accessory can completely alter the dimension and mood of an outfit.

The age of minimalism is gone, we’re now in the maximalist phase, what this means for jewellery is that big and bold is better as well as sparkly.

Take the bangle in the picture above, no one could call that piece minimalist, it’s big and bold designed to capture attention.

The one below is more understated but still very sparkly.

All jewellery from HEBE MALTA

Earrings should always be worn – really, truly, YES! I really feel that they dress the face up somehow, make you look complete. I rarely, if ever leave the house without earrings.

In these pics, I’m showing pretty but still bold pairs and others that are just rather big and bold pairs. They all retain their elegance but when worn, the message is completely different. The bold pairs scream fashion and individuality, the others state elegance. The last pair is super sparkly and designed to add glamour to an outfit. None of them are subtle though, all are designed to be noticed.

With rings, it’s all about stacking and wearing multiple rings on one hand, don’t be afraid to stack multiple rings together & to mix different metals. It’s all a good idea.

All jewellery from HEBE MALTA

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