2 Jackets 3 Outfits

In terms of fashion, this is definitely my favourite season, it’s that time of year when you can start to wear layers. You can wear layers across the upcoming colder months too but since I feel really cold, that usually translates to many layers obliterated under something that looks suspiciously similar to a sleeping bag.

This post is three outfits in one moving from a sort of day-to-night kind of story. All the clothes are from Pedro del Hierro and Cortefiel. The story revolves around a suit (Pedro del Hierro) but for the daytime, the suit jacket is removed and it’s just a white shirt (with little sparkles). The look is somewhat casual and relaxed, the shoes will make a huge difference here too, I’ve worn heels but you can even wear trainers and keep it really casual or for instance, flat, smart boots.

Moving on to drinks after work and I’ve added a super stylish, military-style, leather jacket. This look is now edgier, more fashion-forward and a little bit more ‘dressed up’.

Moving on to the theatre or that gallery opening and I’ve switched jacket to the actual suit jacket. Now many people might see this as ‘the work’ option which would be the case if you worked somewhere with a formal dress code.

Outfit Details

Bag : Tirisi via @Raphael Azzopardi

Shoes: ALDO

Suit and Shirt : Pedro del Hierro

Leather Jacket : Cortefiel

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