Facial Luxury

If you’ve ever bought a luxury product be it a handbag, a piece of jewellery, makeup or skincare then you know that at least a portion of the fun comes from the experience, the experience in-store and more importantly the experience when opening and using it. You don’t expect to be greeted with a cheap box or a flimsy lid you expect the packaging to match the product you’ve been sold. La Prairie positions itself as the ultimate luxurious skincare brand, it sits up there in the high leagues promising to deliver both ultimate nourishment and care to our skin but also and still of significate importance – the ultimate skincare experience.

When I was younger it irked me that a brand would jack up the price due to branding and packing, nowadays it’s half the excitement. Luxury isn’t only about the actual physical item, it’s also about the psychological effect and yes I will repeat the word – the experience of using it. The reality is that I don’t enjoy using flimsy bottles of lotion and as a result, I will skip using them, there’s no pull, no pleasure – its a chore. The feeling is different with La Prairie, using this cream is a dream, it applies beautifully, no greasiness or sticky fingers, easily absorbed and my face feels instantly gratified. The packaging, of course, is another dream, my photos cannot do this justice, unwrapping this box felt akin to unwrapping a pearl necklace.

Caviar is the fundamental ingredient at the root of the product and this skincare collection. The ingredient has demonstrated over the years exception firming and lifting benefits through regular use. I’ve been using I’m this cream for about a month now and I’m absolutely in love, my skin has a glow, such that I am happier and happier leaving the house with barely, if any makeup, it feels firm and nourished. Best of all? Every morning, every night, I Look forward to applying it.

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