Roaming around Taormina

Many of us, I’m including myself in this ‘many of us’ group, like to use these inspirational quotes about travel – ‘to travel is to live’, ‘travel opens your eyes to differeny cultures. I’ve never stopped and thought about how privileged I am and have been. My parents took me on holiday to Munich for the first time when I was only about 9 years old and in my teenage years, it was generally at least 1 holiday a year. As an adult, I’ve been given so many opportunities to see the world. Sometimes I forget how privileged this makes me and others like me.

We should say more frequently, “we are lucky to see the world”, “we are lucky to have these opportunities” and “it really is our duty to take these opportunities and make the most of them”. Last weekend I hopped onto a plane to Sicily, it was a short weekend trip, to a place I’ve been many times before but ultimately it was still beautiful and I still saw some new places I’ve never been to before. Taormina itself is one of my favourite places, it’s small but full of little hidden twists and turns, a place you can get lost in, a place where maps are not necessary. There’s wonderful food and wonderful scenery and the shops are a tempting pastime. We rented a car and visited other places too – Etna, Castiglione and Siracusa but we also found time to wander around this gorgeous place.

Let’s talk about the outfit – most of my outfits have what I like to call a star protagonist, and the star here is this skirt, a stunning item from the newly launched brand at Fly the Fly Vintage. I’ve been a fan of this shop for a while, both for the vintage pieces they carry and for the vintage -inspired. Now they’ve only gone and launched their own brand making them even more fantastic! The lineup is great, there’s a mix of Swedish and Mediterranean (some nipped in waists on show) influence, little fur jackets, silk tops – it’s great!

The second character deserving a special mention is this pair of shoes, I own many different pairs of shoes but ever since I got these about 8 weeks ago, I literally have not taken them off, I wear them nearly every day – to work, to run errands, even to events, They’re insanely comfortable and they look so good with so many different outfits.

Outfit Details

Top : Elisabetta Franchi (old)

Skirt : Fly the Fly Vintage

Shoes : Nero Giardinin @Stivaletti

Socks : Calzedonia

Jewellery : Raphael Azzopardi

Photos Kurt Paris

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