Shades On Friday

I once heard eyewear described as the most affordable luxury purchase, the entry point into a market that is largely often seen as unaffordable for the mast majority of people this world inhabits.

This statement is quite true but I will go a bit further to explain why we should care.

  • Eyewear has a function, unlike for instance jewellery that holds purely aesthetical value, eyewear provides sight/protection from the sun.
    • In terms of sighted specs, comfort and quality of build (lenses are expensive, you don’t want to have to redo them because the frame broke) are two very important features that you should take into consideration. It is often the case although sadly not always that the more expensive pairs will pay more attention to ensuring comfort and providing a high level of quality.
    • We often overlook how important the quality of the lenses on our favourite sunglasses are, sun eye damage is real and should be treated on par with skin damage. Again, generally speaking, the lenses in the more expensive pairs are generally of a higher quality. Although always do your research.
  • Sunglasses are probably the ultimate make or break accessory. There are few outfits that can’t be made better/ more stylish / literally pulled together by a fabulous pair of shades.
  • Specs sit on your face all the time, let’s face it if you’re going to spend money on anything, from an aesthetical point of view let the investment be on the one item that will never leave your face.

And now on to O’hea Opticians and their new collection of which I am showcasing some of my favourite items.

First up is this gorgeous pair of sunglasses from Tom Ford – stylish, versatile and they match with anything.

Onto specs and this Dsquared pair make me wish I still needed them, they’re so so beautiful.

Edgy, quirky and a whole lot of fun – not for the faint-hearted but I would definitely consider these if I wore specs, they would definitely look amazing paired with some more androgynous outfits.

Sparkly cat-eyes by DSQUARED – so so stylish, these are the ultimate fashionista pair.

My ultimate favourite pair of shades. I honestly think these were created especially for me. The colour, the style, they’re by Loewe which is probably the most upmarket Spanish brand and is a new line that O’hea Opticians have now started carrying.

Last but not least is the cat-eye shape, forever a favourite. These are by Celine – this year’s sunglasses lineup from Celine retains their minimalistic but edgy look that was such a hit last year.


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